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Project Description
Unity Dependency Parser is designed for helping programmers generating the configuration code for UnityConfigurationSection.
It provides programmers with a simple UI to display the interfaces and types that implement the interfaces.

Unity is a famous framework to dot net developers for IOC implementation. One of critical tasks in coding with Unity framework is writing the UntiyConfigurationSection, as follows:
    <container name="container1"> 
        <type type="MyNamespace.Interfaces.IMyInterface" mapTo="YourNamespace.Imps.YourImplementation" > 

It is boring and error-prone if maintain these information manually. Why don't we have a tool to assist us to achieve it?

Here is the brief text for How to use.

You can download it from

Frankly speaking, this is the first stage for parsing the relationships in projects. Any of your ideas will be appriecated to make this tool walk further.

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