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 Download the package to your local disk and extract the files.



Double click DependencyParse.exe to launch the program.


Locate your assemblies

Click Select button to choose the path where your assemblies locate and then click Parse button.



Add relationships for IOC

The interfaces listed in Dependency Interfaces grid are used as following in code.

class myClass


public BugState IBugState{get;set;}

//other codes

What we would do next is to select the implementation class in the left grid and the interface it implements in the right grid, and then click Add button to add them into the Dependency Relation grid. We can select the Remove button to remove the relation from the grid.

Generating relationships for IOC

We can set the container name when all the relations are added, and then click Generate button to generate the configuration section. In the complex project, there are many times that we have containers for different implementations for same interfaces. This functionalities facilitate this task.


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